Beldex Raises The Bar For Crypto Organisations


In the constant effort to stay on top of the crypto game, Beldex has yet again done what other cryptocurrency companies have failed to do. Beldex has gained the trust of the crypto community by exhibiting great potential in its ideas and coin. The company has garnered a huge fan following and has a monumental support in the form of a widely expanding community that has started to view Beldex as a crypto leader.

Right from Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and India, Beldex has spread its wings in Middle East and very recently in the African continent as well. “We believe right now the market is financially unstable, and the sudden lowering of Bitcoin prices have led to fear in adoption of cryptocurrencies. However, the faith shared by our community is overwhelming and keeps us moving forward,” said Marcus Foo, Chief Operations Officer at Beldex.

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