Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency is Lisk

FOMO Moments

The crypto market free-fall seems to have stalled for the time being, things are still not looking too pretty though and further dips could be ahead. Bitcoin has found some support at around $8,000 and is currently hovering around this level. Altcoins have largely suffered and shed all gains since the last big dip five weeks ago. One or two are in the green during the Asian trading session this morning but only one stands out with double digit gains, and that coin is Lisk.

According to Coinmarketcap Lisk is trading 13% higher today, up from $11 this time yesterday to $12.4 today. In terms of BTC its gains are marginally lower at 12% rising from 138828 satoshis 24 hours ago to 156337 sats at the time of writing. LSK has had a bad week falling 12% overall, and a worse month where it has lost over 60% of its value. This time last month Lisk was trading at over $30 (or 317110 satoshis) so it has taken a beating along with the rest of the altcoins.

The renewed interest in LSK has come on the release of Lisk Hub 2.0 which was announced on their Twitter feed a few hours ago. “We released Lisk Hub 0.2.0 today. The main goal of this release is to improve test coverage so that we can do bi-weekly releases with confidence that we are not breaking any previous features.” Lisk is one of those cryptocurrencies with great potential but no real product as yet which is partly why the token has been floundering lately.

Lisk is traded across all exchanges with Binance, Bit-Z and Bittrex leading the way. Trade volume for the past 24 hours has increased and is currently $35 million. LSK has a market cap of $1.3 billion and is holding 18th spot in the charts.

Other altcoins showing increases today include Ripple, Ethereum Classic, DigixDAO, Verge, and Decred.

More on Lisk can be found here:

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