MMA Champ Rory McDonald Teamed Up with Bitcoin Cash

Legendary MMA fighter Rory Mcdonald Tweeted out a video of himself working out in a Bitcoin cash T-shirt that raised speculation that the fighter may have a new sponsor in the Bitcoin spin-off.

MMA Champ Teams up with Bitcoin Cash

Canadian Bellator welterweight world champion Rory McDonald, who is an outspoken devotee of cryptocurrency, has made his connection with Bitcoin Cash public in a 30-second video he tweeted out showing him hitting a water bag wearing in a Bitcoin Cash T-shirt.

Big fans of yours over here @BitcoinCom Amazing to see you wearing our swag, we're definitely going to hook you up with some more! @rory_macdonald #bitcoin #BitcoinCash #bch

— Official (@BitcoinCom) May 27, 2018

McDonald has had connections with cryptocurrency since he was introduced to it by a former coach. He has had an ongoing sponsorship deal with Dash and even cites that partnership as his reason for leaving the UFC to fight in Bellator. Calling the move a great opportunity for not only himself but all fighters to improve their stake through pairing with cryptocurrency McDonald contends it’s not just talk, that he truly believes in the movement.

He told the media during a phone interview at the start of his Dash partnership “This will be hopefully the first of many sponsorships with Dash and me, it’s not just for me but it’s going to a big opportunity for many other fighters and even Bellator itself … there’s tons of fighters interested in it,” adding at the end;

“with cryptocurrency, there’s so many different possibilities as a fighter now that you can get into these different markets and get yourself out there, other than just being in a cage and wearing a uniform and being like everybody else.”

The fighter who has in the past requested his purse by paid out in Bitcoin hasn’t announced an end to his connection with Dash but the recent publicity he’s been giving to Bitcoin Cash may mark the end of the deal and the beginning of a new one.

Crypto and MMA are a Solid Match

MMA and cryptocurrency share the same struggle as a disruptive underdog bucking the odds to gain validity against established if outdated institutions. McDonald is not the first fighter working to bring the two together. Conor Mcgregor, arguably one of the greatest MMA fighters ever and certainly one of the most flamboyant, has made it known that he would like to see UFC accepting cryptocurrency. John Fitch a UFC welterweight contender has also been pushing the league to not only accept but also to pay out in Bitcoin.

McDonald feels that Bellator is better positioned to implement cryptocurrency into their structure since they have no binding brand partnerships. The fact that the league is based in Montreal which he calls a very cryptocurrency friendly place is a solid start to what he sees as the future of for both the league’s and his own ongoing relationship with cryptocurrency.


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