Horizon Protocol Launches Perpetual Futures, Delivering an Unparalleled Trading Experience

Horizon Protocol’s Futures is a decentralized perpetual futures exchange that sets itself apart from other decentralized exchanges (DEX) by offering low fees, deep liquidity, and zero slippage with lightning speed. The exceptional trading UX provides traders with one of the smoothest and fastest on-chain trading experiences ever.

Horizon Protocol makes trading the real-world economy through synthetic assets accessible to everyone. Currently, it offers real-world assets (RWA) such as fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY) and commodities (gold, silver) on the spot exchange. The protocol envisions expanding its futures exchange to include a variety of RWA trading pairs, making it even more inclusive and valuable for all traders.

Since its launch in 2021, Horizon Protocol has built a strong track record of product delivery and security. Now, the protocol is pioneering AI-powered trading in the decentralized space through a partnership with AlphaNet by Phoenix Global, setting a new standard for AI trading in the market.

Horizon Protocol’s Futures Mainnet launch is just the beginning. Horizon Protocol aims to continuously enhance its products, offering traders, stakers, and DeFi users a unique and powerful experience.

Trade on Horizon Protocol and join its upcoming trading competition in July. Stay tuned for more information from Horizon Protocol’s official announcement channels.

About Horizon Protocol

Horizon Protocol is a decentralized derivatives trading and liquidity protocol that provides decentralized access to the real-world economy through synthetic assets. Through Horizon Protocol, users can access swaps and perpetual futures of RWA (real-world assets), including, fiat (i.e. USD, EUR, JPY, etc.), and commodities (i.e. gold, silver, etc.).

With a peer-to-pool model where a counter-party is not required for trading, Horizon Protocol can offer DeFi traders low fees, deep liquidity, and zero slippage when trading borderless synthetic assets. Horizon Protocol sets itself apart with a strong focus on seamless UI/UX and educational content to help the community understand the power of DeFi derivatives.

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